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The benefits of almonds have been known for thousands years. It is recommended to consume it regularly to keep great health and fully enjoy life. It really is a healthy food, for several reasons:

1. Almonds are rich in omega 9, just like olive oil. These monounsaturated fatty acids are very good fats known for their beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

2. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps us limit oxidative stress, responsible for the premature aging of our cells, thus, we stay younger and for longer ! About 20 almonds cover 60% to 70% of the daily vitamin E requirements of an adult.

3. Almonds are rich in fiber. Fiber promotes intestinal transit and allows you to feel full.

4. Almonds are rich in protein (6g per 28g serving). Proteins participate in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. But their role does not end here. They also help with immunity, digestion, oxygen transport and the transmission of nerve impulses.

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