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Organic Vegetal Pea Proteins 300g

Proteins keep you full longer. As shown by the studies, protein is by far the most filling. It helps you feel more full with less food as protein reduces your level of the hunger hormone named ghrelin. It also increases the levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full. This is why proteins are recommended to keep a slim, athletic body.

Plant based product (suitable for vegans) 

Excellent alternative to animal proteins

Recommended for active people, practicing a sport activity, wanting to have a slim and strong body

Neutral and natural taste without additives, artificial flavors, added salt and sugar

Low carb, low sugar, low fat


Mix 30g of powder in 150-250ml of water or vegetable drink. One serving contains about 23g of pure protein. Can be consumed as a protein shake, be added to your breakfast smoothies, cereals or muesli as well as your pastries and other culinary preparations

Store in a cool, dry place and close tightly after each use
Allergy advice: may contain soy, nuts or gluten
Composition: 100% organic pea protein isolate
Net Weight : 300g

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy 1806 kJ, 428 kcal / fat 7.6 grams of which saturated acids 2.0 grams / carbohydrates 4.5 grams of which sugars 0.25 grams / protein 82.8 grams / salt 1.1 grams

GTIN-13: 05430002320007